About SNR|Creative

About Us

Thank you for visiting our site. At Snr-Creative we create and develop brands, design websites and provide advertising expertise with an aim to enhance your look and build your brand which will work across all types of print and digital media.

As a business we are able to bring our wealth of experience in the planning, custom designing and implementation of digital and print artwork to market your company in a professional manner to target your specific audiences increasing trust and status.

Why Us


We have over 20 years of diverse expertise in design, advertising photography, art-working and web design. This has created a sound customer base and allowed for the development of our in house skills and expertise as our breadth of work has grown over the years.

Quality of work

Snr-Creative is committed to ensuring a high standard of work. We strive to make your projects long-lasting so you are able to add value to your own organisational growth.

Moving forward

Design and marketing is a fast paced industry and we are always researching the latest trends and developing new skills. This allows us to keep on top of the latest innovations and technological advances to help provide you with a full and rounded service.


While technology and the web are rapidly growing and evolving, so are we. Finding new ways to advertise and target specific groups has never been more important.

Our digital marketing strategies aim to drive traffic while increasing leads and conversions. We produce results-driven strategies and campaigns that aim to expand your business and enhance your bottom line. The following are just some of the solutions we can provide:

It is crucial that new leads and clients are driven to your website. Combining our social media expertise and analytical tools we can create a link between your website and social media sites that will target specific audiences to increase traffic to your website.

Who are we?

Chris Senior

Chris is a talented designer, photographer and illustrator. He loves exploring new ways to push the boundaries and with over 20 years experience in design and advertising brings a great depth of knowledge and expertise to any project.


Focus on customer value

Creating value for our customers is core to our business values. Solutions are carefully selected to meet the needs of each individual client. Having access to multi disciplines all under one business removes the additional costs that outsourcing can create allowing projects to be kept compact and cost effective.

Timely delivery

We provide effective project management to meet your deadlines ensuring we can capitalise on capturing the most opportune moments for your business.

Building your companies visual assets

Your look is important. Picture and imagery are vital in building trust and confidence with your clients. Having an in-house photography and illustration option allows you to build the quality of your visual assets in a cost effective way.


We engaged with Snr-Creative to create our new business identity in 2017 at the start of our journey. They listened to our requirements, any fledgling ideas we had as to how we wanted to be portrayed, and provided multiple designs for company logos and branding. Once we had agreed on the design they then provided a bespoke package not just for the company logo and accompanying stationary, but for a professional web page. Now in our third year, we continue to work with Snr-Creative to maintain our website and keep our brand up to date as they are always available to help with any of our technical questions.

Dave Hodgson - Director of DH Consultant Engineering

Snr-Creative cares about producing the best work possible, that you often find yourself as a business growing in to. This has helped me push my business forwards in ways that I would never have expected, to become what it always should have been.

Tom Croft - Director of Break Escape